Regardless of which internet provider you have, we all have seen Netflix buffering. For those of us using satellite internet; such as, Hughesnet, we not only have to wait for buffering, we also have to watch our data limits.

Night Shift is a router with a USB storage device that allows you to download movies and TV shows during off peak times. For Hughesnet customers this means they can download during their bonus byte time to save on data since streaming live can use up to 2GB or more of data per hour.

After your movie and TV shows have been preloaded, you can watch on any device at any time. One of the features I like the most is if you watch a show with multiple series, Night Shift has automatic video prediction, which will automatically download the next episodes overnight.

Night Shift router is a dual band WiFi router with USB storage and can be used as your primary router or just for Netflix players. Good quality routers are currently on the market for $75 and up. The Night Shift router is $99 or $125 installed.

You have to already have a Netflix account and there is a monthly subscription fee for Night Shift due to cloud usage. The fee for Night Shift is $5.94 to $9.99 depending on options and promotions.

Not a bad deal considering the pros of having Night Shift:

  • High Quality All The Time
  • Watch on Any Device
  • High quality ASUS router
  • High quality 64GB flash storage
  • Pre-configured and ready to go
  • Automatic Video Prediction
  • Ability to block content that would use data allowance


For more information on Night Shift, click here.