Life is a journey or sometimes even a roller-coaster ride. We have all been places – physically, mentally, emotionally. Every step of the ride is some sort of journey. It’s what we take out of it that makes us who we are.

Sometimes, when your driving somewhere, do you pass through these little towns and wonder, why do people live here? What do they do? A mystical feeling of forgotten times of how America use to be. Instead of seeing boarded up storefronts, do you try to visualize what use to be there?

Or are you one of the ones who still live in a small community that still embodies the community spirit, work ethic, and moral values of old America. A place where safety, friendliness, and knowing your neighbors that is missing from the hustle and bustle of larger cities.

Our technicians are often the lucky ones, traveling to rural areas where they can see moments in forgotten times. We have asked they share their journeys and through them maybe the rest of us can a experience a little bit of rural life.

Who knows maybe you will be passing through one day and stop at a restaurant we have visited and enjoyed.

The point is enjoy where life takes you. For just the moment, kick back and enjoy the feeling no matter where you are or what you are doing.